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Learn how communication can change your destination

Fun, friendly and forward thinking. Communication Expert Catherine Molloy reveals the hidden psychology behind connection and influence and provides people with the keys to revolutionise their communication effectiveness.

Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker, Writer and Communication Expert, specialising in leadership, sales and service. With 25 years experience in business and education, Catherine believes that business success rests on the ability to build real connections at velocity. The participants will engage, connect and be more conscious of their communication. Her thought leadership is in how to hack the psychology of communication to build lasting connections, fast.

Catherine has owned and operated several highly successful training companies and been recognised both nationally and internationally as a leader in sales and service training. As Managing Director of Auspac Business Advantage, she was recently awarded an International “Stevie Award” in America for Sales Training/Education Leader of the Year. After training internationally, Catherine has developed the award winning Conscious Connection Framework. It is a holistic roadmap that combines insights from over 25 years of studying body language, behavioural science and Neuro-linguistic Programming to radically transform how teams and individuals self-lead and communicate.

Catherine uses a variety of different tools to help build confidence, courage and grow your business. These skills have been honed during her extensive experience teaching cross-culturally and her passion to help businesses succeed. This desire to build multicultural relationships and cultivate healthy communication skills also features outside of work. She is a philanthropist and travels to Uganda to help build homes for orphans and vulnerable children, working closely with Watoto.

Catherine is married, one husband, three children and two dogs. She travels from Brisbane, Australia and loves working with all the different cultures worldwide.

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Catherine Molloy



Leader in Human Potential, Speaker and Conscious Breathwork Facilitator

Karen has worked as a communication specialist for most of her career, including in radio, as an announcer, newsreader and journalist; in media relations, marketing and tertiary education, as well as film and television production.  


It has been her journey of personal development and self-exploration over the past three decades however that has been her greatest passion and where she feels most drawn to: to make a difference in others lives. Karen is passionate about supporting people to reach their potential, just as she is always striving to reach her own.

Open and approachable, Karen currently specialises in Conscious Breathwork, a simple yet powerful technique to support her clients’ personal growth, physical wellbeing and emotional health. 

Karen is also an experienced MC and runs regular meditation circles to help women learn to quieten the critical voices within, listen to their intuition and reach for what they really want to achieve. She loves working with and empowering women to be all they can be. 

In the future, she has a vision of creating a foundation to provide less fortunate women and children with the gift of education, to allow them to access and create a different life than the one currently available to them.

As a Speakers Institute Protégé, Karen is keen to support speakers-in-training like herself to continually stretch outside their comfort zone and reach for their dreams.

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Learn more about Aldwyn

Aldwyn Altuney is a photojournalist with 35 years experience in TV, radio, print and online media. Known as the Media Queen, she hosts several online TV shows
and the Techwebcast podcast, which has had over 1 million downloads in the past 8 years.

Born in Sydney and based on the Gold Coast since 2000, Aldwyn runs AA Xposé Media, which offers public relations packages and the worldwide Mass Media Mastery training program. She is an actress in theatre, short films, TV commercials
and feature films and runs workshops on How to Gain $1M Worth
of Free Publicity across Australia.

Passionate about raising awareness, appreciation and respect for animals, she founded the world’s first Animal Action Day in 2007. She has since run 12 annual events, raising millions of dollars worth of free publicity for different animal charities each year.

She is passionate about promoting more good news stories in the mass media to help decrease depression and suicide rates worldwide. She set up a Global Good News Day on August 8, 2018, and co- launched the charity Meetup group The Gold Coast Business

Laughter Club on August 30, 2018. Another regular Meetup group she runs is Mass Media Masters Gold Coast. She has featured in eight inspiring compilation books, many of which are international best-sellers and is writing a new book called Good News Sells - How to Gain over $1M worth of Positive Free Publicity, due out in 2019.

Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter (@aldwyn), LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube on Media Queen TV.e "Dream Guard Show". As a qualified Personal Trainer/Nutritionist and with a passion for helping kerb childhood obesity she offers professional knowledge on healthy eating and exercise in a fun and interactive approach.


Adwyn Altuney
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Futurist, whose core values are gratitude, family, integrity and fun
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Grace is a Transformational Coach and Entrepreneur.  She owns an online franchise of a Global Personal Development Business and Coaching brand called Prosperity of Life.  


Grace has a diverse background and experience as a Teacher and Retail Specialist in the Philippines, as well as Corporate/Business Banker in Australia, which had given her a deep exposure and insight to helping men and women from all walks of life, on how to live an abundant life in the four major areas of financial, spiritual, relationships and physical well being.  

As a survivor of Abuse and Abandonment, she is passionate about sharing her story to inspire and move people to transform their own stories of pain, to a story of power and total transformation.  

Grace Harris



Learn more about Matt
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Meet Matt. He’s a thirty-something gent from Brisbane. Born and raised in the sunny Queensland capital, he likes to spend his spare time outdoors at the beach or park with his Fiancée and their pooch, Frankie.

For as long as he can remember, Matt has carried a deep desire to make a positive difference with his life in the lives of those around him. He volunteered for many years in his late teens and twenties, working with primary-school and high-school aged outreach and education programs.

Matt’s a qualified Electrician and it is evident from his working in many aspects of the electrical and building industries over the last 15+ years, that he not only enjoys creating with his hands, but literally lighting-up other people’s lives. As an innovator from a young age, Matt is constantly looking for better, more effective ways to accomplish a task and he’s often heard commenting, ‘There’s gotta be a better way we can do this.’

When offered the opportunity to step up as a leader in Speakers Tribe he saw it as not only an amazing opportunity to grow personally by being in the proximity of incredible leaders, speakers, like-minded people and atmosphere but as a new chance to serve those that he strives to be more like … People choosing to Make a Difference.

Matt Hawken



Learn more about Luke
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Luke Vandepeer, the son of a blind farmer and his South African wife, is the true farmers son with no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. After growing up in South Australia Luke has lived in every state of Australia and has worked in 5 different industries. It wasn’t until he found his passion for sharing knowledge in the health space that he has felt at home. A recent convert to the lifestyle of Brisbane he enjoys a parkrun on Saturday mornings and you will often find him at the local farmers market.


After years of experience as a personal trainer Luke became disillusioned with the Health and Fitness industry due to the ‘noise’ of so many options out there. When he discovered the Heal Thy Self movement his passion for health was reignited and so he is now advocating that at its essence the human body knows what it needs to be healthy. Having taken some lessons from the past he is now sharing what some would call an old way of improving ones health.

Luke Vandepeer
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