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Take steps towards a more fulling future

Kirsty Salisbury delivers keynote and workshop presentations on 'The Gift of Crisis', 'Breaking Free from our Circumstances', and how we can use difficult times to design our life, transform our future and create a life we love. She captivates her audience with the powerful story of her own personal crisis of being paralysed following a traumatic illness, and her journey to recovery. 


Today, she inspires others to reach their full potential, no matter their circumstances or restrictions. Personal crisis is inevitable, but it's how we deal with it that she believes matters most.


Utilising both her coaching and speaking skills, Kirsty has helped hundreds to improve their lives, and to take steps towards a more fulfilling future. She is the host of her podcast 'Let's Talk Life Design' (, and loves enabling others to share their incredible stories along with practical strategies to living a life filled with purpose.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Kirsty loves travelling, being active, and spending time with her family.

Kirsty Salisbury



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Unlock insights about your self and your purpose

Jason is a serial innovator who has led transformational change in his own life, in

professional sports, in education and in business. He is radically customer centered

in his approach to business transformation and committed to using creative and

holistic thinking to achieve Conscious Leadership outcomes.


His incessant curiosity and creativity has led achievements like an education record of 99.5% student achievement of all English credits and an average exam score of 90.5%.


He assisted the Czech National American Football Team to a 5th place finish in the European Championships 5 months after forming the team for the first time. He led the Brno Alligators to their first 2 Czech Super Bowls, the team having never had a winning

record previously.

Jason currently works in the capacity of consultant and lead designer for online

service transformation. He also leads Speakers Tribe New Zealand, a band of like-

minded travellers aiming to make a difference, and is a member of the Association of

Speaking Professionals.

His first book, Right for Something: 5 Missions for Making a Profound Impact is due

out in November of 2017.

Jason Borowicz
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