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Learn how to influence the future of work and ethical leadership
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As a seasoned Change Coach, Facilitator & Speaker specialising in organisational change and ethical leadership, Dianne works with clients across the globe to drive transformational change in corporate organisations.

Dianne has over 20 years experience in science, technology and organisational change working in blue chip organisations including Abbot, Schering Plough, Cisco Systems, Campbell Soup Company & Arnott's Biscuits.

Having "lived experience" with mental illness, Dianne also worked with organisations to positively transform corporate culture, in retain to mental health.

Dianne believe is tuning-in & taking responsibility for our happiness through the basic principles of care for self, care for others and care for humanity

Dianne grew up in a small fishing village rural Donegal, Ireland. She relocated to Australia in 1999 and now lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches with her husband & daughter.


Learn more about Veronica

Migrated to Australia in 1963 as an 8 year old.


I began to work in 1964 first having my own paper run then gaining employment at Mater Misericordiae Hospital on the serving staff at age 12.


At age 13 I gained employment by Luna Park for 10 years gaining the skills of catering and money handling. At age 17 I was in charge of balancing the money.


I had paid my own tuition for High school but only completed Year 10 at Cremorne Girls High.


At age 27 I gained my Year 12 certificate completing my High School education at a technical college gaining entrance to Sydney University to study Dentistry.


I began to study At Sydney University at age 29 with a child who was 20 months old.

Completing my studies at age 34 and gaining the University medal in oral surgery and Oral medicine.

I did not complete the university at the prescribed time as I was in hospital suffering from a brain haemorrhage. I did however recover in time to graduate with my classmates in 1990.


I have been in my own practice since 1995 in Newtown.


I have studied Implant surgery, orthodontics, and Chronic pain management.  In 2018

I am doing my Masters In Lasers and learning Italian.


I have received my Cremoren High School Sir Howard Florey award for excellent in Science and for my Humanitarian contribution work in Nepal and the aborigine communities throughout


Veronica Roller



Learn how to live your life cool and confidently

Sandra is a charismatic, engaging and obsessed with supporting others to shine brightly and be their very best in their chosen life domain.

She truly believes we all want to be happy, confident and live a full life - however so few of usknow how. She is passionate and support young leaders, business owners and individuals to be fabulous, stand tall, embrace and honour themselves. She challenges your thinking, support your growth and create dramatic shifts for my clients through her own “Cool Confidence Program”.

She truly believes behind every door is a new learning to embrace - her program has you
opening doors you never even knew existed. Sandra's experience provides her the ability to see what others do not. She is straight forward and your advocate and this has earnt her the respect of many individuals and business leaders.

She is a published author and award winner
My favourite saying is - “Your Smile...Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.”

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Learn more about Andy
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Andy is a Business Growth Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker. He has partnered
with and coached brands to win national awards, and generate over half a billion
dollars in sales using his transformative psych based selling framework and the 5
Scale Activators.

His framework focuses on five key areas to ensure organisations have the right
strategies in place to grow quickly and long term.


His friendly smile and enthusiasm welcomes Speakers Tribe members.



Learn how to live your life to its full potential

Rowena’s Mission is to inspire and empower new graduates to realise their potential.

Rowena has 22 years Blue Chip Multinationals experience at companies including Coca-Cola, Unilever and Campbell Arnotts. As a Marketing Director, Rowena has held several Senior Leadership positions, effectively leading and inspiring large teams to deliver excellent business results.

Her passion is mentoring young talent and helping them realise their potential . Throughout her career she has mentored numerous people both formally and informally.
Rowena now volunteers extensively at Macquarie University in the Graduate Transition Space. This includes working with; The Sport Scholar Alumni Committee; The Alumni Group and the Careers + Employment team. Rowena is an active Mentor in the UTS Alumni Network.

Rowena works with new graduates in both 1 on 1 coaching sessions and small group workshops to successfully transition into the evolving Workplace. She has developed a unique programme designed to help new graduates leverage their qualifications and experience; create and curate their Personal Brand, then shine through the Recruitment Process.

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Nick Kenny is an award-winning speaker and the youngest ever Chief of Speakers Tribe NSW. He has graduated from the most academically selective high school in New South Wales, completed a Bachelor of Arts with honours and a Master of Politics & Public Policy, and been accepted into Mensa International High IQ Society. 

Despite all of this, at the age of 36 he found himself unemployed, bedridden with depression, thinking the only solution was to end his own life. Instead, he threw everything he had into personal development, spiritual growth, and healthy living, emerging stronger than ever. 

Since then, he has become an ACA-accredited counsellor, run successful international conferences, enrolled in psychology at one of Australia’s leading universities, and is helping other men through similar struggles.

Nick is now speaking in schools to inspire the next generation, working as the head facilitator for KYDS Youth Development Services, coaching other men through their mental health journeys, working as a SMART Recovery facilitator, and is an ACA-accredited counsellor. 

Nick will be sharing simple and effective tools to help you take ownership of your own mental health

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Nick Kenny
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