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Craig Johnst


Health & Wellness Speaker, Fitness Specialist, Executive Assistant

Have you ever felt the essence of your life? And what that means when you step out into the world to conquer your day? We not only breathe in life, but we also give life as we exhale. This is our life force. Energy exchange happens continuously through out our day.  To be conscious and aware of this, is to exercise mindfulness not only towards others, but also inwards towards ourselves, bringing us to present moment to thrive and living life fully and with vitality.

Originally from Hawaii, Maile Steele utilizes the core meaning of Aloha by using breath-work to activate your sense of body awareness.

The future of the digital citizen needs this more now than ever before to center oneself in daily practices of our growing modern world. With 18 years of working in the health and fitness industry, Maile is an initiator in helping others build their own resilience through exercise classes, breath work, and as a public speaker. Working with all ages from children to aged adults, Maile has experience in sports rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, body works, and personal training.

The future of wellbeing is being able to listen to your body and to finely tune that sensory for what’s now becoming the future of human cyber resilience. Building a resilient body and mind is like taking out an insurance policy for your wellbeing. Let’s breathe!

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Maile Steele



Learn how to be a high performing leader and person
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Craig Johns is a high performance expert and consultant, keynote speaker, and host of the active CEO Podcast. He works with CEO's, Coaches and Leaders to become high performing people, leading high performing teams.


Craig has 25 years global experience working in the sport, health, mind, education and hospitality industries. Having lived in five countries, coaching and working with World-Class athletes and teams including multiple Olympians and World Championship athletes, he knows what it takes to deliver peak human performance.

After being hospitalised three times with stress related heart problems and burnout, which included flat-lining on more than one occasion, he realised that he needed to change the way that he approached work, ensuring that he was not only a leader of high performance, but also a high performing leader and person.

He successfully applied the skills, techniques and strategies that enabled him to compete at four World Triathlon Championships and win ten national championships, into the way he approached both life and work. This led to transferring that knowledge and experience into coaching CEO’s and senior executives from some of the world's leading companies such as Nestle, P&G, Standard Chartered, Saatchi & Saatchi, JP Morgan, AIG, Boyden and Nike.

Peak performance in life, like peak performance for CEOs and athletes, requires a strategic approach interspersing periods of high output and workload with scheduled periods of rest and recovery. This approach enables you to sustain peak energy and personal performance over a long period of time, so you can deliver at your optimum level at the key moments in life when it matters. It’s a secret he teaches top athletes and CEOs, and it’s a secret that you can use as a parent, student, employee, musician, speaker, artist or entrepreneur.

It’s time to stop imagining peak performance, and start living it!



Learn more about Tendayi
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Tendayi is the CEO and Founder of Born To Shine; a Women Empowerment Organization that believes women are born to shine. She empowers women through conferences and forums. She is committed to raising and empowering women to be influential, extraordinary, strong, be responsible and accountable for every aspect of their life as they recognise and embrace their identity and purpose in life.


She is a Motivational Speaker, Author of Let Your Light Shine, Registered Nurse, Pastor, Zimbabwe Radio Program Coordinator and Broadcaster - Canberra Multicultural Service Radio Station. Tendayi is an award recipient for various community achievements that include: The African Australian Community Ambassador Award 2018; African Australian Community Initiatives Award Winner 2016 and Alliance Bank Do Good 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award Finalist and a UN Peace Keeping Mission Medal.

She never fails to strike many as a divine light shining in the lives of many people from all walks of life. She is passionate about helping others to live a purposeful and meaningful life. Tendayi is a dedicated leader anointed to share her knowledge and experiences of her walk with God. She has featured on ABC National Radio sharing her story and how she overcame the challenges of life.

Tendayi Ganga


Speaker, Motivation and Resilience Coach and MHFA Instructor

Tammie is the CEO and Founder of Phynix Initiative. She is a motivational speaker, coach, instructor, mentor, and consultant. She has a lived experience of bullying, self-harming, domestic abuse, mental illness, caring for a partner with multiple health conditions - all while holding down a full-time job and raising three children.

In 2013 she hit rock bottom, she was completely broken and had become someone she didn’t recognise and didn’t want to be anymore. She figurately set herself on fire and started her rebirth, rising up from the ashes of her former life and rebuilding herself into the person she is today.

In 2018 Tammie left her career as a National Award winning Business Continuity Manager in the Australian Public Service to pursue her passion of helping people overcome distress and overwhelm through motivation and resilience coaching, educating people on the valuable skills of Mental Health First Aid and promoting social and emotional development through the use of music and rhythm.

Tammie’s message of Setting Yourself on Phire to find your Inner Phynix, to live a life that is: Passionate, Hope-Full, Young At Heart, Noetic, Indomitable and Xtraordinary, is transforming lives.

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